Assistant Governors 2019-2020

Region I
(Brooke County, Weirton, and Weirton Heights)

George Kondik – Rotary Club  of Weirton

(H) 304-748-4203
(O) 304-797-1607          
(C) 304-374-3568  

Region II
(Moundsville, New Martinsville and Wheeling)

Appointment pending.

Region III
(Cheat Lake, Morgantown, Morgantown North and Westover)

John Lichter – Rotary Club of Morgantown North

(C) 304-276-1880



Region IV
(Bridgeport, Clarksburg, Fairmont, South Fairmont and Harrison County)

Christel Shumate – Rotary Club of Bridgeport

(H) 304-783-4822
(C) 304-841-8808


Region V
(Grafton, Kingwood and Newburg)

Paul White – Rotary Club of Newburg

(C) 304-288-3792



*Region VI
(Parkersburg, Point Pleasant, Ripley, Spencer and Wood County)

Christina Sizemore Crowell (club)

O) 304-372-4500
F) 304-372-2322
C) 304-531-5252

Region VII
(Braxton County, Weston, & Buckhannon)

Linda Locke – Rotary Club of Weston

(H) 304-452-9836


Region VIII
(Elkins and Tucker County)

David “Coop” Cooper – Rotary Club of Tucker County

(H) 304-478-4023
(O) 304-642-2667       
(C) 304-642-2667


Region IX
(Barboursville, Ceredo-Kenova, Huntington and Milton)

Tony Martin – Rotary Club of Barboursville

(C) 304-839-5624



*Region X
(Madison, Putnam County, St. Albans and Whitesville)

Tom Midkiff (club)

H) 304-542-9754
O) 304-586-1000
C) 304-542-9754


Cheryl Rust (club)

H) 304-546-1711
O) 304-546-1711


*Region XI
(Charleston, Charleston Vandalia and South Charleston)

Bryan Cokeley

H) 304-344-1270
O) 304-353-8116

*Region XII
(Beckley, Canyon Rim of Fayette County, Hinton and Summersville)

Michael Smith – Rotary Club of Canyon Rim

H) 304-574-3608
C) 304-881-4805


*Region XIII
(Lewisburg, Marlinton, Meadow River Valley and White Sulphur Springs)

Martha Hilton (club)

H) 304-645-7633
O) 304-645-7700
C) 304-667-7060


*Region XIV
(Logan, Matewan and Williamson)

Roger Topping – Rotary Club of Princeton

C) 304-920-4333



*Region XV
(Bluefield, Kimball, Peterstown and Princeton)

Roger Topping – Rotary Club of Princeton

C) 304-920-9696