Incoming Club Presidents and Assistant Governors,

A Thank You From District 7545 Governor-Elect, SHARI MESSINGER

Fellow Rotarians,
How wonderful it was to meet all of you at our very first event of our soon-to-be new Rotary District 7545. Our first PETS brought together nearly 70 hard-working Rotarians from 55 clubs in 47 counties in our great state of West Virginia…



Tell Everyone Our Rotary Story

As you learned at PETS, Public Image is crucial to membership growth. Let your communities know what Rotary does and how other community leaders and community-minded individuals can become involved in your activities…





By the time these dates roll around, you will already have been inducted as President of your club and begun your Rotary year.



2019 PETS Survey

To make sure we are doing the best we can to ensure WV PETS offers the most comprehensive experience to our incoming PE leadership, we need your help. Please take time to read and fill out the survey and let us know what you thought about your PETS experience. PLEASE fill out this 5-question survey!







Please stay connected with your District leadership team and your fellow PETS classmates! On this Blog page there are various links…